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July 5, 2006

stuck for a title

Finally finished shooting season 1 of Misery 6. We had a lovely wrap dinner on Monday night to celebrate the end of shoot. It also happened to be Ines' 16th b'day so we celebrated that as well as Ryan passing his driver's test. Hopefully, he'll be driving himself to locations next season. Hope he doesn't fall a sleep at the wheel. In case you don't know, he has a special skill of being a ble to sleep anywhere, anytime. Be careful there!
Finally got to got down to the sumolah location after 17 days of shoot. The vibe was uber relaxed, I was astonished cos they should've been working harder! Hee Hee! No, really, it was a little laid back considring a few days had been 'lost' for various reasons, catching up doesn't seem to be on the menu. Anywho, perhaps I don't know a thing or two about making a film but to me, it's an organizational system in motion, that in principle, should work as any other organizational system so, you can justify to me your actions any which way you want and I'm sure they're valid but bottomline is, we're on a deadline and spending other people's money. Perhaps the team is tired, having come straight of the shoot of Los dan Faun and straight into Sumolah but still.... (I do sound like a producer...sheesh!... ah well.....just do! as my motto of late goes). Having said all that, I saw some rushes of scenes that were shot in the last 2 weeks of shooting and I have to say that they look fantastic! Caught a scene with the lovely Sabrina in it, hair up in rollers... she has a fantastic film face. Wonderful expression, so perfect for film.